JKD Photography | About

I'm a photographer based out of Highland which is a tiny town located in southwest Wisconsin. I capture newborns, children, families (both small and large), high school seniors, sport teams, professional headshots, couples and weddings (although by choice I only shoot few very weddings per year). 

I started photography 9 years ago when my oldest son, Tucker arrived. Wanting something different from what was offered in our area and unable to afford a professional experience for the type of images I was after, I started toying around with photography (with a point and shoot camera at that). By the time our second son, Tanner, arrived I had an entry level DSLR and had developed an extreme passion for photography. Fueled by a degree in visual communication, a background in custom service, and countless hours spent behind the camera my photography quickly blossomed. Thanks to amazing clients who took a chance on me when I was first starting out and an endless supply of referrals from loyal clients my hobby quickly turned a business. 

From engagement to their weddings, as they embark on parenthood, capturing their children's milestones and freezing moments in time as their lives change is what fuels my passion. I develop very strong connections and relationships with my clients.

Thank you very much for visiting my page, learning a bit about me and my family, and checking out my work. I invite you to visit my Facebook page: Jonelle K Degenhardt Photography for up-to-date sneak peeks of my latest session.